Women leaving violence

Staying Home Leaving Violence Project


This service may be helpful if you: 

· Live in Newcastle and 

· Have left domestic or family violence

How we can assist:

We can:

· Provide support to obtain orders to exclude the perpetrator from the home

· Assist with developing safety plans

· Install new locks, security lights and other security measures 

· Assist with managing on-line security

· Link you with appropriate counselling and family support programs 

How to get assistance:

Call our reception staff on 4926 3577

What to expect:

If we are able to assist then you will be contacted by one of our support workers within one working day from requesting the assistance. 

Note that we are not a crisis service and if you are concerned about your immediate safety you should ring the DV Hotline on 1800 656 463 or Lifeline on 131114 or 000