Parents experiencing difficulties

Family Support Project


This service may be helpful if you:

· Live in or around the Newcastle area

· Have children 0-12 in your care

· Are having difficulties that make it hard to care for your children well such as:

· Lack of money or other resources

· Feeling very lonely

· Mental health problems

· Domestic or family violence

· Children with special needs

· The impact of drug, alcohol or gambling problems

How we can assist:

Our services include:

· Information (including information about other appropriate services)

· Individual family assistance in your home or at our family centre or other appropriate venue

· Supported playtime activities to assist your child’s socialisation

· A variety of group programs

How to get assistance:

Call our reception staff on 4926 3577

What to expect:

When you call us, we will hear your concerns and consider what options might be of assistance. If you accept we will link you to the appropriate service.